"***This is a recommendation for HOT HOMES REALTY. As a property owner of a multiple dwelling in Brooklyn, I have utilized the services of HOT HOMES REALTY for the past five years. Lana FRASER and her team are extremely professional and very knowledgeable with respect to managing my property. From vetting prospective tenants, collecting rental payments, to dealing with tenant concerns, I trust them with managing and ensuring that both tenants and my best interests are met. I HIGHLY recommend HOT HOMES REALTY for the services they provide."

SSJ Properties, LLC

“I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Lana Fraser at Hot Homes Realty LLC. She was very courteous and always kept me up to date and informed on what was going on with the sale of my property. Within six months she was able to sell the property as promised. I Will definitely recommend Miss Fraser as a realtor to sell again. I want to thank her for all the help that she provided when it seemed impossible!”

Sincerely, A Griffith

“Hot Homes Realty was referred to us by an acquaintance. Not only were they knowledgeable about properties in the area but they kept us up-to-date while the sale was in progress. We felt Lana went above and beyond her call of duty in servicing our Real Estate needs. Needless to say, Lana Fraser at Hot Homes Realty did an excellent job.”

Lurline & Ezekiel Price

“The excellent services of Lana at Hot Homes Realty made the home buying process much smoother than anticipated. She was prompt at returning our calls and getting answers to our questions!”

C & M Dufresne

“I am very happy with all the help you have given to me over the years. Not only did you help me find this property; you also found the right tenants for me. I am truly grateful for your service!”

Annie T.

“My Experience with Hot Homes Realty has been a good one. I have been a client for 4 years and I’m happy with the tenants Hot Homes Realty has gotten for me. Thanks for making this so easy for me as a landlord!”

V. Simon

“Thank you so much for helping us to find the right apartment. My family and I are very satisfied with the service your company had provided and will definitely consider using you again should we want to make another move.”

P. Taylor

“I had so many charged off and delinquent accounts that no creditor would give me a chance with a credit score in the 400’s until I went to ACCS for HELP. Their credit consultants took such great care of my credit by deleting the bad ones and helping me to establish new credit. Today my credit score is over 700 and in good standing. I’m so grateful!!! Thank you ACCS!”


“WOW, I expected my score to increase by a least 50 points but instead it jumped to over 100+ points within the 3 months of working with the ACCS program. They really helped me to gain more confidence in making purchases and I saved tons of money on interest rates. It was well worth the effort.”

Lorna S.

“We never thought we could get out of debt until we got some help from ACCS. We had way too many credit cards and our spending was out of control. Now we know how to manage our money so much better and can use having credit to our advantage. We are now on tract to buy a HOME this year which is so exciting. Thank you ACCS for saving our credit and our marriage!”

Sam & Crystal E.

Property Management Services

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….Let us show you how to maximize your properties’ value and have more time to yourself so you can enjoy the fruits of your investments!!!

Company Profile

Hot Homes Realty, LLC. not only specializes in Real Estate Brokerage; we are also EXPERTS in Property Management all over the New York City area. We have been servicing private individuals, investors and corporations for the past 15+ years.
We can help you Maximize your rental income and Maintain your property to include happy and paying tenants. Our business model is founded on working very closely with our owners/landlords/tenants to identify and satisfy their individual needs. Our Team of EXPERTS will be there, every step of the way, through immediate communication and positive results so we can create a Win:Win for all parties involved.
Whether you’re looking to sell your property or just need full or partial management, we’ve got you covered!
We’re prepared to face any challenges and have the tools, experience and resources available to support your property on all levels. If you’re interested in having a Maintenance Program that will keep your building in Tip-Top Shape while increasing your net ROI, just give us a call today!  (917) 770-7789



  • Highest Property Value
  • Realistic Time Frame
  • Qualified Buyers
  • Professional Service from Listing to Contract…… Closing


  • Moving-In / Moving-Out preparation
  • Screened Qualified Tenants
  • Handle Tenant Issues
  • Minimize Vacancies


  • Tenant/Owners Management & Rental Invoices
  • Apartments / Co-ops / Condos / Multi-Units
  • Quick Distributions


  • Our Team of Experts are ready to work with your property
  • Prompt Fixes / Minimize Costs
  • Keep buildings clean inside and outside
  • Increase tenant satisfaction

Property Management Reports/Accounting

  • Monthly PMR’s
  • Year-End PMR
  • Monthly Management Meetings

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